Lighting Audit

A lighting audit is an in-person inspection of a building or a facility to evaluate existing lighting conditions and identify energy-saving opportunities. It helps in determining which lighting fixtures need replacement or up-gradation, implementing cost-effective measures for a better return on investment, and reducing operational costs. 

HANSA GREEN offers a Specialized Lighting Audit Consultancy for indoor and outdoor facilities customized for your requirements. Please get in touch to know more.

Lighting Design

As a fact lighting design is not just calculation of lux level, it is dramatically linked to interior design and architectural design. The main challenge in lighting design is how to emphasize the texture, shadow, highlight, glow, and create the accent of lighting.

-Indoor, Outdoor and street lighting designs with 3D visualization

-Lux, Luminous intensity, system efficacy, power etc are the major technical factors that depends every Lighting projects


Smart Light uses LED technology and centralized control system to reduce energy usage and operational cost. The deployment of an IoT network will ensure efficient light maintenance and management.


  • Real time monitoring and scheduling 
  • Remote switching and dimming  
  • Automatic fault detecting and reporting 
  • Works in offline mode


  • Easy to install
  • Energy monitoring of multiple lights and saving 
  • Light dimming as per ambient light
  • Works on Lora/Zigbee network

Solar-Powered Lighting

Solar power is an appealing source of energy, considering that it is widely available and sustainable. Although there are many uses for solar power, solar lighting is one of the most prominent. In solar powered lighting Hansa Green Mainly Focusing on solar street lights( includes Two in one &All in one solar street lights ),Solar flood lights ,Solar garden lights and other Outdoor solar applications .

The major components of solar lighting are 

  1. Solar PV panels –(Mono/Poly Crystalline panels )
  2. Battery (Li-ion/LiFePO4 /Gel type), 
  3. MPPT charge controller
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